Rose is back at it again! A volunteer for our 2017 Gokyo Trip, she’s back to tackle the adventure of Annapurna. She’s passionate about eyecare and is excited to join the team. Learn more about her, below.




I’m Rose, an optometrist (full-time optometrist, full-time banter queen, part-time wannabe rapper and casual gym-goer!). This is my fourth year out, and I’m interested in all things eyes, especially myopia control and behavioural. I’ve been fortunate to work in beautiful Illawarra and have the most wonderful patients ever. 

I’ve hiked a bit here and there, but I’d say my biggest athletic achievement to date was the one time I threw some rubbish into the bin, from 2m away, it rebounded off the wall and fell into the trash can. Talk about athleticism!

I love eyes, all things eyes but there are a lot of people close to me that have not had the best vision and are blind now from something that was preventable. Let’s change this future for who we still can. Got some spare lunch money? Donate here: