Working with Eyes4Everest was the most rewarding and broadening experience I’ve had to date. This expedition fulfilled me in so many ways, and exhausted me mentally and physically.

What impacted me the most was the genuine connection I was able to create with a team I’d never worked with before, patients from what felt like an entire world away, and the Nepalese family we formed with our guides and porters.

Despite different cultures, languages and ways of life, I felt connections and genuine understandings with the Nepalese people. Although the objective of our mission was to provide needed eye care health to the remote villages of the Himalayas, I feel like I’m leaving with a more satisfied soul and heart. Seeing the faces of those we helped is invaluable.

Being a dispenser was always a secondary career for me, something I never really thought I could change the world with. But seeing myself use skills I took for granted, to help people who really needed it has changed my world, something I’ll never take for granted again. I’m leaving Nepal feeling more inspired than ever before, and I really do hope I’ll be back here to continue more work with the Himalayan mountain communities.
— Ashley George - Sydney Optical Dispenser