This is my third trip to Nepal with Eyes4Everest. When I first heard that there is need for primary eye care in the Everest region, naturally I felt I should be there. I can put my skills to use where it’s needed and it’s such an amazing part of the world!

This ABC trip has been a wonderful experience. Apart from the rewarding feeling of completing the trek and helping people solve eye problems, what is invaluable to me is all the wonderful people I get to spend time with on the trip. Sherpas are the sweetest and kindest people you’d ever meet. As well, spending time with your colleagues in an environment where life is so simple and basic, you get to know a different side of them.

Being close to nature somehow bring out people’s real selves. Genuine human connection happens - something we are getting less and less of as the world gets faster and busier. The ABC trip is surely not sipping cocktails by the pool side. The experience is second to none and will forever hold a special place in the hearts of those that share the same precious memories
— Jenny Hsieh - Brisbane Optometrist & E4E Secretary