Written by Shaun Chang



I couldn't believe it. The Eyecare Director of Bailey Nelson had put her name down for Everest Base Camp 2018. 

Just weeks before, we were chatting over coffee at my local cafe. Robyn heard about our eye missions from two Bailey Nelson optometrists. She wanted to know more. 

Robyn had qualified as an optometrist in South Africa and practiced in independent optometry until immigrating to Australia in 1998. She joined Luxottica and during her career spanning 16 years, held various positions including Director of Eyecare and Community (Australia & NZ).  She also spent a Year at Westpac on an Executive Leadership Programme for women. 

Impressive I thought. It was clear that both of us were passionate about optometry. It was about customer experience, clinical care, social justice and equality. Quite simply, vision is a basic human right. 

"Good vision is a basic human right" 

I thought back to 2013 when senior Sherpa doctor Kamitemba informed me that children were having vision difficulties. I had no experience in volunteering or philanthropy but I was possessed to do it. For that reason, Eyes4Everest is different to a lot of charities out there. For one, our glasses are made to prescription and recordings are done through the E4E App.  What does that mean? No wastage and quick turnaround time.

I am pretty proud of that but Eyes4Everest can be better. Robyn and I have a common goal, which is to provide an example of vision care to those who are disadvantaged by social status or geographic location. She has been involved in charitable clinics in Australia, New Zealand and globally as well as spending years establishing sustainable vision centers throughout Africa. We can definitely benefit from her knowledge and experience. 

I look forward to working with her.

P.S. I love startups and Bailey Nelson is a Sydney startup. Their story began in 2012 at the Bondi markets. I love the quality and style of their frames and recommend you check them out!  I don't get any kickback for saying that. It is my opinion as a fiercely independent optometrist.