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Meet Wendy who loves the great outdoors and has a passion for voluntary work!

Graduating for UNSW in 1983, Wendy accepted a contract to establish the first full time Optometry practice on Norfolk Island. She returned to Sydney and began work with the Royal Blind Society, establishing the first mobile Low Vision Clinic in NSW. This involved a lot of country travel from the Victorian border to the Queensland border. Since then she has established and worked in four of her own private practices (only two at a time thankfully) before selling them all to spend more time with her family. She has been married for 33 years and has two adult children who are both studying at Uni.

Over the years Wendy has done a lot of voluntary work through the schools and through Scouts. She has gained her Outdoor Recreation qualifications and is a guide for bushwalking, canoeing, kayaking and sailing. These days Wendy does country locum work as well as organizing regular outdoor activities.

The opportunity to attend the mission to Annapurna seemed a perfect combination for her to combine her desire to help others and her love of the outdoors and hiking.


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