Pete Gardner, is an optometrist and photographer based in the Swan Valley north of Perth. He is an Area Eyecare Manager for OPSM in Western Australia, spending half his week consulting at OPSM Midland, and the rest of his time coaching and mentoring the team of graduate optometrists working for OPSM across the Perth region. “After 20 years in the profession, I still have the same love for optometry as I did when I graduated, I aim every day to improve the lives of each of my patients who sit in my consulting room, I cannot wait for the chance to do the same for people in the mountain communities of Nepal”

Pete is also a highly skilled photographer, and is excited to be expedition photographer and blogger for the Annapurna Base Camp Team arriving in Nepal next week, keeping everyone in Australia updated with the teams progress and adventures.

Pete developed his landscape photography skills as an optometry student at Bradford University, spending his weekends Caving in the Yorkshire Dales or climbing the mountains of Scotland and Snowdonia, it was only natural the camera should come along.

Pete moved to Australia in 2002 and as an avid scuba diver he instantly took to the incredible waters around the Australian coast, which led to him becoming an accomplished underwater photographer.

Having a young family now it is not as easy getting out into the wilderness or underwater as it once was, so Pete can often be found indulging his passion for rock music, photographing local and international touring bands playing in Perth, publishing his work in local online music magazines.

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